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Gay Star Trek

I saw this MV when i was watching TV in Germany. Guess what if outer space is like when it has turned Gay! Voila! Watch it, it is so damn gay funny! :P No offense ... :)

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Summary - Future

Now, this is the final installment for the Summary series that I've wanted to finish for good which took me like more than a week to start typing. Will be taking MH 6 flight late this evening to Germany. So, itinerary will be Kuala Lumpur - Frankfurt - Munich - Muenster - Bonn - Netherlands - Cologne - Kuala Lumpur. Bon Voyage to me and Guten Tag Deutscheland!


1. Activity:
As mentioned earlier in my previous posts, I'm heading for Germany for a Youth Exchange programme, and by saying that, it means that there will be someone staying with me for the summer too, but only after I return from my trip. The youth that will be staying with us is from France and ... will upload more pictures of him later this July when he arrives. :P

2. Books:
I should say that I'm a really big fan of Chinese Lit. I find it really enchanting and mysterious, full with drama and controversies, but better still if it is written in English. Lots of people who knows me will know that I'm like a White-Wannabe ... and some even claim that I'm anti-Asian. I am not anti, but just feels that the lifestyle might be more vibrant to my liking. Get back to the book, fro those who have read Empress Orchid, you'll definitely find it very captivating, eye-opening, and this time round, Anchee-Min is back with The Last Empress. To put it short, it's about Empress Tsu Tsi of China ... now you smell drama?

3. Dance:
After watching Gossip Girl, I do sometimes feel like being one of them, I meant sans the scandal! Breakfast, Balls, Proms, Parties, Debutantes etc. Yes, and I am given an opportunity to be them this time ... don't get me wrong here, no lottery striked, am just going for a Debutante with a close buddy of mine and will be performing at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre later this October. White gloves, clad with a tux ... isn't it all about that moment? How elegant and glamorous can it be?! Wait and see ... ; )

4. Movies:
What? Needs no explanation! Summer, bring it on! Made of Honour, The Mummy 3: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor, Love Guru, Sex & The City ... Some might turn out to be a success and some a flop ... so, am not going to comment on any until I've watched it. Anyhow, this is the Future Post ... no one can predict the future. Not for now ... :P

5. Travel:
Next stop, Land of Sawadee ... No, not HatYai ... Bangkok, not this time ... Phuket, Koh Sah Mui, been there ... bring me all the way to the north - Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai ... heard the place is cooling and windy with lots of green ...

Series that I'm looking forward to watch by the end of summer ... Hmm ... Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, Dirty Sexy Money, Brother's & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy and the new remake of Beverly Hills 90210. Can't wait ... will be flooding myself with shows again ... hey does this mean that summer is over once this all starts? Awww ... shucks!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things

Gosh goodness sake! My lazi-nerves has got into me again, and I feel so lazy to blog ... I hope I can just write up my final post for the Summary Series before I fly off too Guten Deutschland next week! Now to kick start the Summer, I have been hooked to this young artist with his latest album - We sing, We Dance, We Steal Things. Am soooo much in love with it. Here is one of the song found in the album - I'm Yours! Try Lucky too, a collaboration with Colbie Caillat!

B'sides that, I just can't wait till August - The MTV Asia Awards is gonna be held here ... here in Malaysia! Woo hoo! Have to get passes to it! Till then ... signing off ...

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Business Time

Came across this music clip by Flight of the Conchords ... find the lyrics pretty hilarious. Enjoy this at the meantime while I get my final installment of Summary done this weekend.

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Summary - Present

After yesterdays blog I only realise the reason behind for not being a big fan of blog. Uploading pictures are really killing time ... it is damn freakin' sloooooooooowwww ... not to say slow, but I have tried a couple of times before I could load a picture ... the 'ERROR' sign keeps popping up ... perhaps there is a better way to post up pictures than the one I am currently using. Too long off the blogging scene ... and as always said by Heidi Klum of Project Runway - 'Today You Are In, Tomorrow You Are Out' ... fair enough ... I rest my case!

Back to the 2nd post of the month ... :P Yesterday was about the Past, Today the Present and Tomorrow the Future.


1.Books & Magazines:
Multi-Tasking is the word ... well, not in exact but ... I guess reading a few materials at the same time is what you will call it. On hand with me is 'Gwei-Lo', a biography of an English author who spent his adolescent years in Hong Kong and also 'I Love You, but I Am Not In Love With You - Seven Steps In Saving Your Relationship' which is a book not only for those in relationship but also for those who wantsd to have a clearer picture about what LOVE is about. Next up is also the GQ magazine which I am going Goo-goo Ga-ga over lately.

2. Current Obsession:
Yippee Yea! The summer is here again ... finally and what more can I ask besides a healthy tan with strong arms and toned abs. I definitely wouldn't want to look like a pale zombie who has stayed out of light like forever in my beach trunks! Hey ... wait, did I just see a white ghostly figure walking under the sun at the beach?!

3. Fashion:
It's about summer again, what's in-trend and what's not ... Well, for me, I am just hooked with the thick rimmed glasses that gives a classic look of the 50's with ankle length khaki pants fastened by a woven leather belt. B'sides that, a summer tote bag also work well with those. Tell you what, aviator sunglasses(which is never out of trend) and above knee-length surfer trunks are totally IN this season. Why cover up when you can show!

4. Games:
Grabbed some games (Sim City Societies & C&C Kane's Wrath) off the shelf the previous day, although I am not really keen with games but ... moving and twitching fingers is so much better than staring up above the ceiling. Games for the holidays and you'll never have to say 'Booooooooooring!'

5. Home Improvement:
It is not exactly as the title explains ... no improvement but post-spring cleaning by disposal of old notes and papers, cleaning up hard to reach corners and making room(Yes, room for more things!). This process is usually done before the festive celebrations and all this is done now because I am expecting a guest.

6. Movies:
Let's see ... don't you think that producers are coming up with more and more movies on comic-based superheroes? There was the Iron, then veiny Green Muscle Monster and ... the Bat. Apart from that, everyone is also into the Orient(in conjuction with The China Olympics), everything with a little touch of the Chinois! From Forbidden Kingdom(ewwww ...yucks), Children of Huang Shi to Kungfu Panda, I wonder what next - perhaps a Chinese version of Mean Girls(that will be interesting)! Check out 'Shelter' too, if you are seeking for a different kind of summer love story, it is a breath of fresh air!

7. Music:
The 'M' divas ... first Mariah(E=mc2) then Madonna(Hard Candy)... well, you wouldn't want to miss them this summer! Try Natasha Bedingfield or Jason Mraz too for something off the mainstream ... and not to forget Shane Mack with his acoustic pieces.

8. Technology:
Okie, this may sound dorky, I just got myself my first external hard drive the other day and after so long ... this is when I decide that I have to get it badly! Firstly, I'm not a tech savvy(it's just TMTH), secondly, I would claim that I'm a balance between a Fashionista and a Academic Scholar. We are not that bad after all, and who says that nerds and noobs can't be Hip & Sexy?!

9. Travel:
In exactly 2 weeks time, I'll be boarding the plane to Germany for my exchange holiday(the third and final one). Munich - Bonn - Cologne. It wouldn't be complete without a cruise to the coasts ... Can't wait to be there! Deutscheland, Ich Komme! (I hope I got this right, it's from free online translation :P)

10. TV:
Throw in Juicy, Drama & Scandal gives you Ugly Betty and Gossip Girl. Torn between a man who wants to marry you and a man who love you from the start, sleeping with your best friends boyfriend ... whatelse more do you want?

Love & Peace! XOXO

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Summary - Past

Okie, I'm back but I can't really tell for how long this time as ... well, not to say that I'm a person who lives by the day but ... it's just that I need to put more commitment into these whole blogging scene. I promise there will be at least one post a month, I promise ...

I have got people asking and questioning me about the reason i stopped blogging bla bla bla ... and some even begged (ok, I admit I'm exaggerating here) me to resume blogging! Some might be expecting juicy, saucy stuff from me and my comeback and I hope I am not going to disappoint everyone out there who is reading my blog, as I always quote, "No Drama, No Life!"

To keep it short, I'll give a brief recap on things that have occured, is occuring and will be occuring in my life, my world. This summary consists of 3 parts: Past ~ Present ~ Future.


1. Academic:
Finally done with my first year of studies as a chemical engineering student with all the harsh subjects and courseworks this May (Engineering Maths 1 & 2, Applied Chemistry & Physics, Fluid Mechanics, Professional Skills, Thermodynamics, Separation Process Fundamentals, Heat & Mass Transfer, Engineering Industries, Process Engineering Project, Modern Process Chemistry)

2. Anniversary:
Turned 22 in January and is starting to feel old. My one and only arm tattoo which will be going into grave with me on the day I decease(don't think I will erase it) turned 1 year old in April.

3. Art:
Got back into the art scene by being a volunteering actor in the 'Short & Sweet Workshop' at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre in April, and is intending to be more active in the theatre the upcoming year. Did some acting for my cousins' documentary on the 'Teenagers of the New Age'(will try to get the video from her).

4. Books:
Tales of the City & More Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin gives an insight on the life of San Francisco(one of my favourite city) which I bought while I was in the States last summer. There are 6 books from the series, 2 down 4 to go.

5. Concert:
Caught up with the diva 'Celine Dion' in April at Stadium Merdeka, a one of a lifetime not to be missed performance which was attended by the King & Queen of Malaysia. Am happy to have attended her concert, as I missed out the one in Vegas.

6. Election:
Elected for the first time in my life and was a part of Malaysia's 12th General Election in March in which the National Front(Barisan Nasional) won only by a simple majority to the oppositions.

7. Event:
Got involved and was the secretary for my university's Students Association Entertainments Team last autumn, which was in charge of the biggest annual event of our university ~ The Annual Dinner(themed 'Bedazzled'). Apart from that, was also the coordinator for the 'Mr & Ms Nottingham 2008 ~ Auditions, Semi-Finals & Finals'.

8. Health & Fitness:
Got introduced and addicted to Yoga & Pilates! Found it very spiritually and mentally helpful in aiding to ease the mind of a fast-paced urban soul.

9. Holiday:
Went for a short 3 days 2 night outdoor trip to Endau-Rompin State Park, with my former elementary school classmates in May, got to immerse ourselves in the nature and to strengthen bonds among old school buddies. Donated blood too, to irritating and annoying mosquitoes and eerie and gross leaches. Ewww ... For more updates and pictures, try one of my buddy's(Taw Jin) blog post on this particular trip at -

10. Movies:
Watched a couple of movies along the months and only a few caught hold of my attention. Iron Man, Fool's Gold, Indiana Jones 4, Horton Hears A Who & Ma Vie En L'air(Love Is In The Air).

11. Music:
Was into Sara Bareilles, Colbie Caillat, Spice Girls, Leona Lewis, Amy WineHouse, Maroon 5, Jordin Sparks & Celine Dion.

12. New Encounter:
Found this very beautiful spot called the 'Look Out Spot' on a hilltop which oversees the whole cityview of the bustling Kuala Lumpur in February. Started using Facebook in November and has never been so addicted before.

13. People:
Met new faces while working for the Entertainments Team. Got the opportunity to meet up with Carmen Elektra, Kelly Rowland & serve Elijah Wood while working in LAX Terminal 6 as a barista last summer. Can't believe that I actually have the chance to bump into them ... they were awesome and Elijah Wood is shorter than I am. :P

14. Relationship:
Undergone in some sort of confusing phase with someone that I would consider as a fling which didn't turn out well, as the person was in a relationship with someone at that moment which made me a 3rd-Party. The lovey-dovey didn't last for long but we are still in good terms(I hope)!

15. TV Reality & Series:
As usual, American Idol ~ Season 7(where David Cook was crowned winner). Besides that, Project Runway ~ Season 6, Make Me A SuperModel(i strongly recommend this, as it is so much better than America's Next Top Model & the models are hotter!), 30 Rock (Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy), Pushing Daisies, Californication (contains adult content). Am still allocating time for Heroes, Prison Break & Grey's Anatomy thid summer. Thank God the Writer's Guild didn't pen down and not write anymore!

16. Work:
Was with my dad for a couple of months helping him with his company as his PA resigned, and so I had to aid him in exports. Dealt with foreign customers, from Indian to Thai. Did mistakes, learned new stuffs. Other than that, I also did a 5 day roadshow for the 'Dutch Lady' dairy company at Midvalley Megamall in May, and I enjoyed the process a lot especially communicating with the consumers, it was actually my first time doing sales, and I admit, I performed somewhat good! :P

Now I'm done with my first comeback post, I know it may seem to be a little too long, but hell, it's been sometime and this is what some are asking for, non?

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